About Us

Portfolio Monkey is a social venture whose mission is to educate and to provide self-directed investors with the most simple-to-use and sophisticated investment and portfolio management tools available.

We are a 100% free service supported by user donations. If you haven’t already, read why you should consider making a donation to Portfolio Monkey.

Our Philosophy

As human beings, the very powerful emotions that define our species - hope, fear, and greed - severely handicap us as investors. Studies have shown that cognitive biases and emotions impair our ability to properly evaluate even simple mathematical tradeoffs between risk and return.

We believe Portfolio Monkey can be the quantitative lens that helps investors achieve optimal decision-making in the face of market uncertainty. Our analytical tools separate emotion and heuristics from the analysis and let the data speak for itself. It’s ultimately up to you to act upon it.

Who’s behind Portfolio Monkey?

We’re a global team of investment and technology professionals bonded through our frustration with the lack of quality investment tools in the consumer finance space, and fueled by our desire to build the next generation of smart financial tools.

We come from such firms as Russell Investments, C.M. Capital, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL, IZEA, Amazon, Ernst & Young, and Rapt, and have an Advisory board consisting of industry experts and academic professors from Stanford and U.C. Berkeley.